Wednesday, October 21, 2009

weird book room

The American Libraries Direct newsletter is usually full of all kinds of fun stuff in their 'Seen Online' section, and this week doesn't disappoint. The Weird Book Room at the online bookstore is a gem for the secret reader in all of us. We've all seen funky book titles at yard sales (tag sale or garage sale, if you're more than 30 miles from me), library weeding sales and the local Salvation Army store. Books that makes you say things like, "I should really write that book I've been thinking about," and, "How do things like this get published?".

Its so great to look at title after title of the craziest books out there. And yes, you can buy them! Where else are you going to find "Why Do I Vomit?", "A History of Orgies", "Help! A Bear is Eating Me!", "Is your Dog Gay?" or "The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories" all in one place?

Thanks to AbeBooks for providing this much-needed community service.

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