Wednesday, October 28, 2009

niall de buitlear

I'm delighted to make the following correction. A week or so ago I wrote about found bookmarks and mentioned an exhibit by Irish artist Niall de Buitlear. I'm very happy to report that this exhibit is currently underway at the National Library of Ireland and runs until the end of October.

I would like to thank Niall de Buitlear for commenting on my entry and pointing out my error, and I apologize for the confusion. I found the listing at the library's website, not under current events, but in the archive. I should have read more closely.

So anyone who is interested, you still have an opportunity to see this intriguing exhibit made up of small pieces of peoples lives, left in the books they read. You can find all of the correct information at Niall de Buitlear's web site by clicking here.

de Buitlear's Found Bookmark Project is part of a larger, twenty-one location exhibition put on by the Douglas Hyde Gallery, called Preponderance of the Small, which features work by young artists in Ireland.

Cheers to Niall de Buitlear. Go see his show!

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