Wednesday, October 14, 2009

summer road trip

pee pee in the woods.
pee pee in the woods.
stopping by highway,
for pee pee in the woods.

I wrote this on the way to the beach with the family years ago, and recorded it on a digital recorder I used to keep in the car for ideas I had while driving. It was inspired by a sight at the edge of the road. One of those huge pickup trucks, with a back seat and a cap on the back, was pulled over on the shoulder of the highway. As we approached, I could see the passenger door hanging wide open, almost into the weeds. The back of the truck was full of stuff. It just looked odd, until, just before I passed, a woman stepped out of the bushes with a young boy. He must of been about 3. One hand in his mom's, the other pulling on his pants.

I composed the poem aloud, much to my kids' delight. On the recording, you can hear them laughing in the background. I'd love to figure out how to post it.

My apologies to Robert Frost.

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