Monday, October 19, 2009

russian bookmarks

This blog has caused my interest in bookmarks to escalate in recent weeks, and I find myself blabbing about it and boring my friends with things about my grandmother's book and my small but fun bookmark collection. So I'm boring a co-worker about this and she tells me she has a link for me and gives me this: the Bookmark Collection of the Library of the Urals. I don't speak Russian, and maybe you don't either, so if you're interested, this is what I did.

I went to Yahoo BabelFish and pasted in the web address, chose "Russian to English" from the pull down menu and hit the translate button. Boom. Crazy, BabelFish translation of very cool Russian bookmark site. When you click on the links for "Skin" (leather) and "Tree" (wood bookmarks) you're taken to the sub-sections, and each subsequent page is also translated. [Sweet.]

Thanks to Natalie for the link. She sent me three more that I haven't even looked at yet!

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