Sunday, March 7, 2010

its like an appendix

I've added a back page. There's the link for it in the white bar above; Its called backmatter. That's the stuff in the back of a book behind the text, or the body of the book. Table of contents, foreword, preface, etc... yeah, that's the forematter.

Backmatter is where you'd find the end notes, indexes, glossaries, and other stuff that you may find useful now and again. Same thing here, I've got some info on the blog, myself, some of the terms I use, and what I'm hoping to do here. There's a spot down at the bottom for comments, so if you think I'm missing something let me know. I see this page a work in progress, and I'll tool around with it as time goes on.

This is how I've kept myself busy the last few days, here on the blog. Don't think I've forgotten about book reviews, its just that I'm waist deep in Moby-Dick. Its been about a month! Its interesting, but I haven't been inspired to read more than about 20 minute a day. Slo-oow.

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