Monday, March 15, 2010

dewey two

Y'all remember Dewey Right? The Dewey Decimal System is a good subject for a bookmark; you tuck it in your reading material and its available at a glance to help you find more reading material. This marker does it with a pop culture nod to Andy Warhol, and a siren call to 'Master the Art of Reading'.

It took me a few minutes to find out why this bookmark was produced by Lab Safety Supply Inc. It doesn't seem like they would have an interest in producing these things for their clients, but they have a company (subsidiary?) which they acquired in 2008, that provides equipment to schools and libraries, called Highsmith Inc. and that's where I found this one. Its one of a group of art decorated markers, that all have the same message. There are images in this set from Escher, Vermeer, Dali and Renoir, to name a few.

They look fun. I'll have to keep my eye out for them. A search for bookmarks on the Highsmith site resulted in 269 hits. I guess they make a lot of these things!

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