Saturday, January 16, 2010

gone tomorrow

Gone Tomorrow, by Lee Child, is another installment in the Jack Reacher series of novels. Child can crank these bad boys out, that's for sure. I was turned on to the Reacher novels by my wife, who reads a book a day, so I can get my hands on the castoffs pretty quickly, especially when I need some mainstream stuff to break up my own reading list. I've got some stuff on my list that really needs to be pounded through, but some days, it just doesn't feel right. I picked up Fahrenheit 451 over the holidays, for example, and it was just too depressing. That one's going back on the shelf for a while, at least until life begins to go entirely too well.

Anyway, Reacher is obviously Lee Child's alter ego. A 350 pound, kick-ass-and-don't-bother-with-the-names kind of guy, who, now that he is no longer a military policeman, still solves crimes and looks into injustices where he finds them. Just because its work that needs doing. Who else is going to do it? And with his no address, detectionism, and the aforementioned ass-kicking skills, along with his outside the law status, who better, right? Reacher can do things to perps and witnesses that every well meaning cop and flag waving Jack Bauer wannabe wishes he could do. The Reacher novels are escapist, ass-kicking fun, that tickle the justice bone, and usually have pretty well thought out mystery/detective plots to them. In the vein of The Harry Bosch Novels, by Michael Connelly, a detective series also pointed out by my lovely wife.

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