Tuesday, January 26, 2010

charlton bookmark

The Charlton Public Library started its life at it's present location in one room, at the center of the Charlton Town Hall. The town offices eventually moved out of the building and across the street to a old school building, giving the library some room to expand, but not much. The staff room was a closet. A coat closet. In the 2-foot deep space where the coats would normally hang, a series of shelves were built in, that held a small microwave, coffee pot, creamer, sugar, cups... you get the picture. Other offices in the building were used for a children's room, a local history room, or a conference room, but not accessible directly from the main library space; patrons had to go out into the corridors that wrapped around the library space and find the different rooms, which used to house the town clerk, and building departments.

The good news is, that Charlton was finally able to renovate, and put on a large new addition, which now houses, among other things, an expansive new children's department, a new reading room and stack spaces for the adults, and provides access to the unused auditorium on the upper floor, which for many years was closed to the public because there was no access for the disabled.

My office did the design, and headed up the design team. This bookmark was kindly contributed to support my addiction by our own project manager, Nicole. Thanks Nicole! And good job.

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