Friday, June 3, 2011

making logo video etc

Okay, so that happened.

Here's how that went. I'm thinking of the third post on this logo thing, and the second post had a distinctly part-two movie-title thing going on, and this one makes the trilogy right? So being the geek that I am, I put together a little movie-advertising-type image for the post, that I was going to paste in at the beginning of the text. It was a L:3, as in Logo 3. Think Terminator 2 (T2) and Mission Impossible 3 (M:I:3). This little L:3 shows up at the end of the Coming Soon post.

My son saw me drawing this up and after explaining it, he suggested that it should be 3-dimensional. I said "Why? Its fine." and he says it'll be great, and I say, "go ahead."

So he's got my CAD drawing open, and he's drawing the thing up in SketchUp, and extruding it to make it three-dimensional, and I show him how to facet the edges, and fill it in with a metal get the idea. Well, we're spinning it around to look at it, and I remember explaining the Mission Impossible example to him... and we make movies for buildings in the office all the time in SketchUp, sooo... the two of us ended up with the movie-style coming attraction, along with the explosion, in SketchUp.

We exported the movie, and then added the sound track in iMovie, and then uploaded to Blogger, which uses the YouTube format for movies, just as it uses Picasa for images.

Anyway, in other news, American Libraries Direct was nice enough to pick up my blog about the future of libraries and include it in this week's newsletter, which is sent out all around the world. Nearly 1500 people clicked on the link and took a peek at my blog in the last few days since the newsletter came out. Very exciting!

The AL Direct is a great newsletter that I use to stay up to date on the latest library buzz. If you take a look at the newsletter, there is all kinds of great stuff in there. My item is featured in the Actions & Answers section, near the bottom. Thanks to George, and the AL Direct team for including me in the discussion!

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