Wednesday, May 25, 2011

logo 3: the final folio

This is the third draft of the logo. This one does two things to the last version: it adds some stylized design to the initial on the page (take a look at the detail image below) and I've removed the purposeful blurring and aging technique I used on the earlier versions, so the image is sharp and clean.

Click to make it bigger, y'all.

This whole process has been fun. The best part may have been the coming attraction video my son and I made. More on that later! Actually, its been so fun that I don't think I'm going to fix on a single design. What the hell, I'm not some big corporation that has to worry about branding, and product identification, right? So I'm thinking the logo may continue to change over time. Its a living logo. If you ever click on anything, click this one.

Here's the detail of the historiated initial for example. I kind of like it. It works all by itself as a mini-logo. It may be too busy, so I may have to simplify again, but as usual, let me know what you think.

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