Thursday, April 21, 2011

sci fi covers deux

We've got some more crazy Sci Fi covers here. The last time I did something like this, it was more about how current fads are reflected in the cover art of classic science fiction. Classics work great for this because they're printed year-after-year, and with the possible exception of romance novel cover art --Fabio, I'm talkin' to you, son--Sci Fi has got some crazy stuff going on!

Click on the cover to enlarge it. Its fantastic! The guy is like: "Yeah, hey baby, just took a dust bath on this airless planet, and then I was gonna... Hey, why do you look so surprised?" Spacesuits are such a drag. Who needs all that air, and radiation protection? I wonder if Charles Louis Fontenay took a look at this cover art back in 1961, and said: YEAH! Perfect! Groovy! or whatever.

Flavorwire put this post up a few month ago, and the link still works, check it out. There are some goodies there. Where else are you going to get a lady, clad in a bikini made of flowers, being held like a balloon to keep her from floating off? Or a finger rocket? Or a chick in a low cut dress? Or another chick in a low cut dress? Or another chick with one eye and no dress? A couple of robots, various flying animals, and one funky looking thing, that looks like a cross between a giraffe and an electric guitar? Guys with horns, skulls, nukes, monkeys, more chicks... Funny thing is: there's only, like, 10 Sci Fi covers in this whole article!


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