Sunday, February 20, 2011


Mmm... high quality digital images of old books and incunabula. Biblioteca Valenciana, which is the library of Comunitat Valenciana, has a program called the Biblioteca Valenciana Digital (BIVALDI), to digitize import works relevant to the history and culture of the Comunitat Valenciana Autonomous Region. That's what I guess is like a state, province, or region within España. The library/project is associated with La Biblioteca Pública de Valencia, which may be their mother institution, and is supported by the Ministerio De Cultura and the GeneralitatValenciana (the Ministry of Culture, and the Regional Government.)

[I'm trying to translate what I'm reading from Spanish and Catalan, based on my poor Italian, so if you find an error, please let me know.]

According to their website, which thankfully, has an English version, the digital collection includes all kinds of stuff, "From incunabula to manuscripts, from books of local customs and manners to Valencian literary classics..."

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