Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dark river

I just finished the second installment in John Twelve Hawks's Fourth Realm trilogy: The Dark River. Twelve Hawks's Description: "Its Dark". And it is, but not too much. It is, however, not a stand alone novel. I think anyone would be lost without reading the first book, regardless of the summary included at the beginning of the story.

The tension ratchets up in the war between good and evil. Friendships are tested, and love both grows and struggles. Twelve Hawks keeps the story on track and introduces some new characters, to broaden his already rich cast of characters. I burned through this book in no time, and as I write this, I'm already deep into the third book: The Golden City.

Nice job so far. If Twelve Hawks can stick the landing he's got a good score coming. Thanks to rbobbydray for the book. I told my son he's missing it.

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