Friday, December 3, 2010

bookmarker postcard

I received this postcard from a friend who rode across America on her bicycle, helping folks along the way, with the Bike and Build folks. This was mailed out from Maybell Co., Colorado (pop.372 ) in July; about 2000 miles into her 3800 mile ride with her team. They raised over $130,000.

So in case it isn't obvious [click on the image to blow it up] the bit at the top of the card rips off via a perforation, and you've got yerself a fine Rocky Mountain National Park bookmark. For the collectors of ephemera, postcards like this push all the buttons baby! Now I only have to decide whether it goes in my postcard collection, or in my bookmark collection. I know what you're thinking: rip off the bookmark and you'll one piece for each collection, right?


I haven't seen a lot of these postcard bookmarks. I have one more, but I can't put my hands on it now. Its from London and shows a double-decker bus, or something.

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