Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Esau is your typical action-adventure story, with a Speculative Fiction slant. Its got some loosey-goosey science (cue sexy scientist, looking to publish her break out paper) and some action-adventure, in the form of Himalayan mountain climbing (cue sexy mountain climber, and sometimes bed mate of sexy scientist.)

You get it. Its fast, its fun, its action, its adventure. Its like bubble gum: tasty, easy to chew, doesn’t take a lot of effort.

So, sexy mountain climber (SMC) goes for a hike in the mountains, and suffers a tragedy, and after returning, seeks solace with sexy scientist (SS) and has doubts about whether or not he still has what it takes to be the SMC he has always been. Whilst suffering from said tragedy, SMC happens upon a scientific oddity in the mountains, that he believes SS would like. SS indeed likes, and proposes a scientific excursion to site of SMCs tragedy.

Cue drama and doubt, mixed with determination, and excitement.

Philip Kerr’s name looked familiar, but a quick glance at his previously published works in the front matter of this book did not foster the same feelings of familiarity. So another quick look on his Goodreads page indicates that Kerr has written 30 something books, and I have indeed read Dark Matter: The Private Life of Sir Isaac Newton, which was pretty good. I don’t see it listed here in the blog, so I must have read it a while ago.

I bought this book used at the Westborough Library book sale for a dollar, or something, so it worked out great.

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