Friday, October 7, 2016

another goes tonight

Another One Goes Tonight is a book I recently took from the library, read, returned and then promptly forgot about. Hence, the late-to-the-party thoughts on this book. I actually read this one at the end of September, between A Christmas Carol and Version Control.*

Peter Diamond is a recurring character in Peter Lovesey crime novels, number 16 in the series according to fictfact. Lovesey is a British author, and so Diamond is a British detective. He has a small team working with him in this story, who have basically gone off the reservation to investigate a potential crime--or crimes--which Diamond believes may have been perpetrated by a comatose victim he's only recently discovered, and may have actually saved through his own efforts.

The plot is pretty twisty, as mystery stories go, and Lovesey does a pretty good job of staying ahead for the reader, and keeping them guessing. I can see why this series has been successful for him, but at the end of the day, it was a little slow for me. 

* I changed the posting time and date of this post to October 7, 2016 even though I'm posting this on November 10, when I actually remembered the title of this book

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