Wednesday, August 14, 2013

stone monkey

I almost forgot about this book. I guess that's not a great way to start a book review. I've read a bunch of Jeffrey Deaver's stuff, and its usually pretty good. I got turned on to his stuff by my wife who has bought a bunch of it. Deaver is probably best know for his Lincoln Rhyme character, and a couple of his stories have been turned into movies. The Bone Collector is probably the only one folks will remember.

Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs, and company have human smuggling to deal with in this adventure, but it doesn't get too far before human smuggling turns into murder.
And then its murder, murder, murder, from there on out.

Lincoln Rhyme is an interesting character, and so is Amelia Sachs. What I think might improve the series is playing down the other characters that seem to hang around the Rhyme-Sachs team. None of them really has a chance to develop, so they should be cut out and the focus placed more on the duo and their relationship. I understand that reality is probably closer to a larger task force, but I don't think everyone of them needs to be a minor character, with backstories, relationships and the whole bit. Its too many threads to follow that don't really lead anywhere.

The Stone Monkey was amusing, but a little slow overall. I'm not sure it added much to the overall storyline of Rhyme and Sachs.

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