Sunday, April 14, 2013

travel marker series i

This is the first marker in the Travel Marker Series, showcasing bookmarks from places other than around my home, where I pick up most of the goods. In many cases, these markers are either found by me, or someone who has then given them to me, or that I have picked up in my own travels. The found ones have come from used books, mostly. Altho I occasionally will pick one up on my travels, left by someone else, in a hotel for example.

The first is a freebie from the S. Miguel Park Hotel, in Ponta Delgada, Portugal. Ponta Delgada is on Sao Miguel (Azores) about 1500 km west of Lisbon, in the Atlantic. Sao Miguel is the largest of the islands in the Azores Archipelago and Ponta Delgada is both the largest city, and the administrative capital.

The hotel sits in the heart of downtown, and appears to be about three quarters of a kilometer from the ocean. The address for the hotel is given on the reverse of the book mark as Rua Manuel Augusto Amaral, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel 9500-222, Portugal.

According to their website, the hotel has panoramic views, and is close to the Botanical Gardens, I assume from the map that they are taking about Jardim José do Canto, but there are others in town as well. The S. Miguel Park Hotel is Bensaude Turismo Hotel.

Sounds like fun, right? And who doesn't like a free bookmark?

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