Sunday, October 7, 2012

wrong reflection

The Wrong Reflection, by ex-pat, Gillian Bradshaw is a science fiction novel that starts out like a strange, missing persons case and eventually turns into a semi-hard sci fi tromp through the halls of corporate Britain. Bradshaw has obviously been in the UK for a while, as her English sounds more British than American, but the story was solid, fun to read, and quite mysterious, which kept me reading.

Bradshaw sets our improbable and completely unknown--even to himself--hero against some pretty unsavory corporate characters, who would just as soon pin our man down to make a buck as to scrape a bit of nasty off their shoes. Gagging corporate greed along with a taste of prejudice round out the dark side of this story, and make a good balance for the unknown hero and his just-as-unlikely group of friends: the pretty young woman who saved him after the accident that caused his amnesia, and a handsome young art student who serves as his nurse during his convalescence.

Overall, the characters were a little canned feeling. We've all met these characters a thousand times in other stories. The main protagonist is probably the exception to this, he was pretty well drawn, especially after it came to light what his real identity was, and that was fun. And some of the character names were a downright adolescent. I was so, like... for real? like, no way, that is so, like... uncool.

I got this book at the used book sale at my library. I wouldn't say no to another book for a dollar from Gillian Bradshaw, but I'm not sure I would pay full price. Bradshaw has written a bunch of books tho, so maybe I picked a lemon.

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