Thursday, April 12, 2012

molecular cell magazine cover

I just did the cover art for Molecular Cell Magazine!
[cue nervous, excited jittering; like a twelve-year-old at their first dance]

A few months ago, Dr. Dafne Cardamone the awesome scientist asked if I would prepare a high resolution graphic that would help represent the ideas in her scientific paper concerning the identification of the role of a particular protein with a cell, for publication in the scientific journal, Molecular Cell. So I was like... g' yeAH!

Heady stuff. But I am a science geek.

Dr. Dafne's idea--which she worked out with the other super-geniuses with whom she works--was to express the duality of the roles this protein GPS2 has depending on what part of the cell its working in, ergo Castor and Pollux. The twins, baby! Similar but not the same. see, I said super-smaht, right The Castor and Pollox images we used are actually a contemporary marble sculpture by Bozena Krol Legowska. Il tuo scultura è bella, signora.

I'm excited to have been asked to participate and I'm very excited that our cover art was chosen. It was truly a collaborative effort. Cheers to Dr. Dafne, Dr. Perissi and Signora Legowska.

Congratulations! to Dr. Cardamone and the team of scientists who did the research and put this paper together, on the publication of your research, and my personal thanks to you all for the opportunity to help with the artwork: M. Dafne Cardamone, Anna Krones, Bogdan Tanasa, Havilah Taylor, Laura Ricci, Kenneth A. Ohgi, Christopher K. Glass, Michael G. Rosenfeld, and Valentina Perissi.

[Do you need some artwork for your scientific paper, or anything else? Send me a note philipfobrienjr [at sign] gmail [dot com] and let me know how I can help - Philo]


  1. You are amazing without your skills we would never be able to do a cover as great as the one you made!

  2. Art can embrace science
    Thanks and best regards from the artist Bozena Krol Legowska

    1. I'm so happy you found this. Thanks for writing and thanks also for allowing us to use the image of your beautiful sculpture.


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