Saturday, March 17, 2012

hunger games

Here's a slice. I'm in the library a week or so ago, checking out a DVD and paying for few books from the book sale. On the circulation desk on a little wire stand is a copy of The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

"Oh," I say, "is this a reading club book or something?"
"No," the librarian tells me, "there's a waiting list for it, but this copy is one of our first-come-first-served copies. Its good; a quick red. I think you should take it home with you."
"I feel bad about the folks that are waiting for it," says I, picking it up to see the back cover.
"Nah, they wouldn't get this copy unless they came in--Once you read it you'll want to read the others."
"There're more?"
"Two more."
"Are they all published? I don't want to wait for a year for the last one."
"Yes they're all published."
I smile and put it on the stack.

I didn't learn until later that there is a movie in the works, and this is obviously the reason there is a wait for this book.

The librarian was right; this was a fast read. I think it took 2 or 3 days, tops. Interestingly, this story is also post-apocalyptic, like the last book.

The Hunger Games are a blood sport; the story focuses on a young woman and her view of the games. Collins has written a exciting, very fast moving, well researched and well thought out novel that is designed for the young adult market but has a broader appeal for readers like me who enjoy this type of story. Collins has added richness to the story by addressing issues such as class distinction, even class warfare, oppression, and the powers of government.

The genre is hard to categorize. Its part historical novel (sort of), part sci fi, YA adventure. That pin it down for you? Maybe SF is the best way to put it.

I thought it was good, and I'm planning on picking up the next installment when I go back to the library (if they have it.)

Get it!

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