Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the list

So I started this list. Its actually a series of lists of the books that I've read sorted into categories, from my favorites, down to the dregs. After spending some time putting these lists together, it occurs to me that, one, I really don't remember what I've read, and two, I'm sure I've read some really good books that aren't getting their fair shake.

So, how to fix it? Yeah...not sure about that one yet. I thought that maybe I should take it down and rack my brains, but quickly concluded that if I can't remember how old I am, then brain-racking won't result in much. I could just skip it altogether, but it seems like a good thing to have--maybe not for you, I'm not sure, but for me, yeah, I won't have to remember anymore. And that's what logs are for, am I right?

So, now I'm thinking that I'll just leave it there. It doesn't take up much space; it hangs out down on the lower part of the right-hand column. If you'd like to take a peek, great; if you have a comment, stick it anywhere, I'm sure I'll find it, its quiet around here. And when I remember some of the old stuff, I'll add it. It won't ever be everything. I don't think it matters much that I read Logan's Run or The Bears and I, back in Junior High School. (They were both pretty good by the way.) And I think a representative list is more to the point.

So, I may change out some of the titles at some point, as I remember books that better represent the cross section of my reading experience. Who knows, maybe I'll scrap the whole thing. If you've got an opinion let me know. And in answer to the question: can you start all four paragraphs in a four paragraph blog entry with the word 'so'? The answer dear friends, I'm happy to report, is yes.

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